What Are The Key Ingredients That Make a Great Recording Studio?

Are you looking to put together a recording studio for you next music project? If So, what considerations do you need to be aware of when considering your purchase? One of the most important things is the specification of the studio equipment. This article will point out some of the key things that you should be aware of so that you will be able to make an educated decision that will make sure that your next recording has the best chance of being as good as it should be.

The first thing to consider are the monitors, studio monitors are different in that they are designed to create the flattest response and not the loudest volume. This means that they give an accurate representation of the sounds that they are playing. You will want you recordings to sound great on lots of different speakers, therefore you will not want the monitor speakers to be biased towards a certain frequency. Making sure that the studio has accurate monitors is essential. A good example of a decent pair of monitors is the KRK VXT8 Bi-amped studio monitors.

Outboard gear is not so essential these days and the majority of production is taken care of with software inside your computer. Make sure that you are using are high end plug-ins though so that you are receiving only the best quality processing on you raw recordings. Using a control surface will allow you to physically manipulate the sounds that you have recorded in your computer or alternatively you may like to be more traditional and use a desk such as the Allen & Heath GS-R24M – 32 input automated mixing console. This decision will probably depend on the type of music that you are recording.

Traditionally Apple Macs have been the computer of choice for recording studios but a well equipped PC will be more than capable of doing a good job, the things to consider are the speed of the processor, the amount of memory and also the disk space. For example a PC with the following specifications will be able to achieve high end professional results in it's recording capacity: Intel Core I7 960, 24Gb ram, Crucial 1Tb solid state drive, Crucial 512Gb solid state drive, VelociRaptor 600Gb HDD, 2TB HDD.

If recording live vocals or instruments then choice of microphone is going to be really important.

Having a selection to choose from would be a great advantage. Here are some examples of mics that you might consider: Shure SM57, Nuemann TLM103, or a Rode NT1A. Be aware that different mics are good for different recordings so a little research of your own would be advised.

Source by Jaun Ramirez