VR Headset for iPhone and Android Phone | VR Goggles | Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones | Niantic Tech NTVR-G04E

Price: $27.99
(as of Sep 19,2021 08:21:01 UTC – Details)

VR Headset for iPhone and Android phone with Stereo Headphones

Experience virtual reality without paying the hefty price associated with buying top of the line computer! With the Niantic Tech NTVR-G04E Virtual Reality Headset, you can do just that!

Niantic Tech’s Virtual Reality Headset uses your iPhone or Andriod mobile device to create a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment!

Our VR headset is awesome with full audio immersion, with a complete audio experience like no other! Connecting to the headphone port on your mobile device the headset adds stereo sound to your experience.

Bluetooth is great, but the delay is not necessary, with our direct to audio technology you plug in your mobile device directly to our headset and get Full Audio Immersion!

Do you wear glasses? No problem with our virtual reality headset, it is comfortable to wear with or without glasses.

Mobile device compatibility concerns are a thing of the past with up to 6.5″ screen compatibility. The Niantic Tech virtual reality headset works with the iPhone x or iPhone 8 plus and smaller Apple devices. Android users aren’t left behind; our virtual reality headset is compatible with the Samsung Note 8 and all other Android phones w/ 6.5″ screens or less!

Wearing our virtual reality headset is comfortable, with our lightweight and highly supportive securement system, daily use of our virtual reality headset is comfortable for extended sessions.

The Niantic Tech virtual reality headset is made of high-quality material and will last a very long time. We take pride in manufacturing a quality product using high-quality materials! Adjustable from the optics to the securement system, using high-quality material all around ensures you are comfortable and can enjoy immersive virtual reality.

🕶️ VR HEADSET FOR IPHONE AND ANDROID PHONE WITH BUILT IN HEADPHONES. Place your iPhone or Android phone into the headset, launch your VR app and enjoy Virtual Reality immersion. Stunning optics for unparalleled visual performance, ultra-comfortable straps for long use that will stand the test of time. Engages both sight and sound to give you an awesome VR experience
🕶️ NEWLY DESIGNED OPTICAL ADJUSTMENT CONTROLS FOR ALL VIEWERS, WITH OR WITHOUT GLASSES. Adjustments include focal and pupil distance control; usable with glasses or without creating an immersive experience like none other; over engineered to ensure those with sight challenges can still enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience
🕶️ STEREO HEADPHONES PLUG DIRECTLY INTO YOUR SMART PHONE AND HEIGHTEN THE VIRTUAL REALITY EXPERIENCE. We use audio immersion technology which allows you to connect your phone audio to our stereo responsive virtual reality headset for complete virtual reality experience; great audio is important for full immersion, while others leave this out, we include this technology for an ultimate VR experience
🕶️ iPHONE, ANDRIOD AND WINDOW MOBILE SMART PHONE COMPATIBILITY UP TO 6.5” SCREEN. Compatible with the iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 plus, iPhone 7 & 7 plus and all other iPhone models *iPhone without headphone jack require lighting adapter to 3.5mm adaptor. Android phone compatibility from the largest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and any Android phone with a screen of 6.5″ or less. Works with many cases slim cases so you don’t have to take your phone, out of the case
🕶️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED all Niantic Tech Virtual Reality Headsets come with a manufacturer guarantee, free from manufacturer defects and will stand the test of time with our 1-year guarantee and warranty; if we make a mistake we will make it right for you