VR Glasses – Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Come with headphonesVr Headset Virtual Reality Gear vr Roller Coaster Daydream viewmaster vr Box vr Goggles (Color : Black)

Price: $50.99
(as of Dec 07,2019 23:34:31 UTC – Details)

CPU: Mobile CPU
Memory: phone memory
Screen size: 4.0-6.0 inches
language: English
Operating System: Mobile Operating System
Headphone type: Stereo headphones
Storage: Phone storage
Optical viewing angle: 90-120
Battery capacity: Cell phone battery capacity
Appearance size: 190*110*138mm
Product weight: 360g
Additional features: audio and video entertainment
Packing list: VR glasses, manual, pe bag, packing box
Colour: Black
Product advantages:
First, ABS resin material sunscreen body, 3D high-definition coated lens.
Second, PVC software stereo wearing a comfortable wearing, high-grade veneer breathable comfort mask, anti-light leakage.
Third, myopia users are perfect to use around 400 degrees, can wear glasses to watch directly or naked eyes,
Fourth, Android ios support 4.0 inch – 6.0 inch screen smartphone
Five, a variety of 3DVR APP compatible at the same time (Iqiyi VR, 3D broadcast VR, Veer VR, orange VR, etc.)
The fully immersed 100° large viewing angle uses Japanese SLR optical PMMA material, and the 45MM short focal length design brings a wide viewing angle of 100°, which is closer to the true perspective of the human eye.
Comfortable and adjustable earphones, free to adjust the headphones, adapt to more head types, easy to experience VR pleasure, no need to wait
The core technology of sound quality, the sound recognition is the high-class style, 3D phase sound technology brings you three-dimensional empty immersive audition experience, good sound insulation effect, and strong bass, helping you to judge the enemy’s rapid annihilation obstacles with sound.
Looking at the big screen, still playing against the small screen? Bring thousands of magic mirror VR glasses, experience with the theater curtain effect, the ups and downs of the plot, the shocking blockbuster, full of sense of substitution!
Family private cinema, a wide variety of video, 3D blockbuster, concert live, select events in real time. Thousands of magic mirrors, you can see the contents of the major video platforms! More boutique applications, games, etc. to experience.