Virtual Pilot 3D – The Best Flight Simulator for MAC or PC

What is a flight simulator and why would you need a program of this type? A flight simulator is "a device used in pilot and crew training that provides cockpit environment and sensations of flight under actual conditions." There is so much more to a flight simulator though. A Flight Simulator for MAC or PC is one of the first virtual reality software programs that was successfully used to mimic real life conditions. Programs of this type are used for fun or for educational purposes and can be used with a wide range of aircraft types.

People across the globe make use of flight simulators, but this type of program is especially popular in the United States. Purchasing a plane, helicopter or other aerial device is very expensive. Why spend the money on a flying machine when you can have the same experience right in the comfort of your own home? If you are training to be a pilot, but are unable to log the flying hours you would like to, you can train using a software for MAC or PC and get a similar experience. This program allows you to train in various locales and under different flying conditions.

Flying a plane remains a dream of many. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many never get the chance to get behind the controls of an aircraft. Now everyone can have the opportunity to see what it feels like to be in charge of such a powerful machine. Not only is this type of program fun, you learn a great deal. These programs are very realistic and you don't have to worry about damaging an actual plane or helicopter. It's a great way to get experience at very little cost.

Virtual Pilot 3D is one such program. This full use software supports all hardware available for flight simulation games, including foot pedals and flight control systems. Over 200 aircraft are available to choose from and all controls were designed using real cockpits. The instruments behave as if you were working the controls of an actual aircraft and you have over 25,000 airports to land at, scattered across the globe. This program is so comprehensive it has been certified for commercial use.

If you are looking for the best flight simulator for PC or MAC, look no further than Virtual Pilot 3D. According to a Virtual Pilot 3D review by Trey Godwin of the Private Pilot Association, "This is the most beautiful game I have ever played. I recommend this for both educational and entertainment purposes." It's the best flight simulator 2012 has to offer. Why spend time trying different programs that don't offer the features you most want and need? Purchase this flight simulator and you will be satisfied in every respect.

Source by Martin Handoko