‘Superhot VR’ on Quest Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold, Quest 2 Sales Outperform All Platforms – Road to VR

Superhot VR (2016) has long been held up as one of the ‘must-have’ VR games. Now the studio announced it’s just tipped the one million mark for units sold on the Oculus Quest platform.

Superhot VR is a virtual reality success story if we’ve ever heard one. Taking the same mechanics from the studio’s viral hit Superhot (2016), its VR counterpart offers up an addictive mix of cinematic slow-motion action scenes as you physically bust up the hordes of oncoming red crystalline enemies.

Superhot Team announced the news in blogpost, celebrating the PC game’s fifth year birthday. There’s no word on exactly how much of this is owed to sales on Quest 2, Facebook’s recently launched follow-up to the standalone headset, but we have a rough idea.

The graph below (provided by Superhot Team) represents all Superhot franchise games sold to date. In the purple you can see Superhot VR, which saw a significant bump in sales with the release of Quest in May 2019—nearly twice as much than the flatscreen game its its viral heyday in 2016.

Image courtesy of Superhot Team

That even larger spike in sales in late 2020 was on Christmas Day, which the studio notes was the day when more copies of Superhot VR were sold than ever before. This is undoubtedly a result of new Oculus Quest 2 owners buying the game en masse for their first VR experience.

What’s more, at $25 (currently on sale for 30% off), that puts gross revenue somewhere topping out at $25 million. There have been regulars sales and bundles, so that’s only a conservative estimate on the high side though, but it’s a number that makes VR development sound pretty attractive.

It’s no secret however that Quest 2 has accelerated sales in many games on the Oculus Store. Facebook announced recently that the plucky $300 standalone helped generate over $1 million in sales for over 60 Quest apps, making for about a third of all apps on the official store. Meanwhile, Quest 2 has leaped to the second most-used VR headset on Steam, owed to its ability to use Oculus Link and a VR-ready PC.

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