SARLAR 3D VR Headset, Virtual Reality Goggles Movies Video Games Viewer for iOS, Android, Microsoft & PC Phones Series Within 4.0-6.5 Inch

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Product Description

Virtual Reality Is Here

Irrespective of whether you are just a casual customer searching for some cool digital gears or a hard core techno geek, Sarlar 3D Virtual Reality headset will satiate your digital-thirst for sure. VR headset is one of the hottest technologies of this millennium and leading gadget manufacturers from all over the world are flooding the market with their offerings. Not many of these devices are up to the mark and they fail to give you the real-time feel. However, Sarlar™ 3d VR has proved to be a game changer.

Have You Ever Wanted to Sit in Your Very Own Comfy Personal Cinema?

Virtual Reality is a fascinating way to travel using nothing more than the power of technology. With a VR headset and motion tracking, VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re actually there. It’s also been a promising technology for decades that’s never truly caught on.

An Amazing New World: Sarlar 3D Virtual Reality Headset is an entry – level VR headset for both techno-geeks and the casual customer is looking to explore the popular new technology in this century. Virtual Reality Headset is never been easier to live the action of your favorite films or explore fantasy worlds.

Immersive 3D Experience: Whether you want to watch a movie or 360 video on a 60 foot screen at the comfort of your home, ride a roller coaster without visiting an adventure park, play life like shooting or racing games, or visit campuses, architectural marvels or historical sites, you can enjoy it all simply by bringing home this portable VR headset!


Who Said That Only Complicated Technology Wins The Race?

♪. The headset is pretty simple, it has a three-way head strap and you can find the headset sit comfortably on your head. It is pretty comfortable which is worth mentioning.

♪. The VR headset does have a sleek design and the headset is made up of a good quality material which makes it less bad than the other lower end VR headsets that you find in the market.

♪. The front of the VR headset opens up where you can insert your phone. You can use any phone with it provided it has a gyroscope which most of the new phones these days have and a screen size between 4.0-6.2 inches. The VR headset secures the phone firmly with the help of the spring loaded arms present on the inside of the VR headset.

♪. There was enough room for your nose in this VR headset. There are a couple of VR headsets which were uncomfortable at the nose because of the limited space as given in its design. However, this VR headset is pretty comfortable when it comes to the design of the VR headset.


Start Your Journey!

1. Start APP and you will find many 3D players and 3D games APP. Download and install the APP you like.
2. Put the mobile phone into the product per below graph,and adjust it’s position correctly. Adjust the phone frame to stabilize the phone.
3. Adjust the tightness of three headbands to the most comforting position (please note that the magic tape of three headbands should be pasted outward, which is convenient to adust.)

4. Adjust focal length: If shortsighted users find the screen unclear,please rotate two lens deasil till the screen is clear. (Users with more than 600 degrees of myopia can wear spectacles.)
5. Adjust pupil distance: If there is double image,please move the adjust button to adjust pupil distance from side to side till thce image is clear and double image disappears.(Pupil distance is suitable for people of all ages.)

Compatible with Almost All Smart Phones: IOS, Android, Microsoft& PC phones Series within 4 – 6.5 Inch. Max support 175*90mm

IT’S IMMERSIVE- Sarlar virtual reality headset is designed for a full immersive field of view. Experience panoramic view with immersive FOV102, whilst the screen gets magnified by 5.2 times. Its super vision will give you an unlimited world with incredible visual fidelity and immersive feeling.
IT’S CONVENIENT- The middle-line adjustment is perfectly calibrated for all sizes: once you’ve set up your phone once, you won’t have to do it again the next time!
IT’S A BARGAIN- Sarlar VR goggles comes with an additional guard which blocks the light out and incorporates some bars that you can slide to hold your phone in place depending on its size. The biggest selling point about the Sarlar VR headset is that it’s compatible with almost any smartphone currently available.
LOTS OF Apps- The Sarlar VR viewer can fit almost any smartphone meaning that you have access to a huge range of apps available on google play stores and apple store. It will even work with Microsoft phones. There’re plenty of immersive content and videos to download that can be found on Netflix and Hulu. Don’t forget to play great games such a s hanging gliding, VR crazy swing, 3D Space Station, Galaxy and Jurassic land. The list of games is endless. Just don’t get lost in the virtual world.