Rode VideoMic Review – Truth About a Great Microphone

Interested in buying the Rode VideoMic? I wanted to land the best deal on this microphone and know all I could about it before I bought it. That's why I've compiled this product review so that you can learn from my experience.

So why is the Rode VideoMic a best seller this month?
Shotgun camcorder microphones come in a broad variety of price ranges and quality. I mean you've got everything from cheap imitations with horrible parts to the totally out of this world professional grade type with more options that you can handle. Rode wanted to create a microphone that is somewhere in the middle. It had to have a good price, but without sacrificing quality or having to use throwaway parts. I mean do you want to spend money for a microphone that will give you less than stellar sound for your video productions? I sure don't!

Most people that buy this microphone are either home enthusiasts or small business professionals that want to make decent videos with great sound. Some buyers have written that they've experienced generally good sound even at medium range distances like 20 to 40 feet.

Some of the pluses about the microphone are that it is light, easy to use and install, plus it is a huge bargain compared to other microphones that deliver the same output. One buyer wrote that he experienced a hiss, but made a slight adjustment by lowering the VideoMic and that improved things. Other recommendations are to get a wind screen if you are doing outdoor recording in areas where the elements may interfere with your production.

I think this microphone has sold a lot because it consistently delivers sound output you expect and is made from solid construction. I really can't stand spending my hard earned money to get a cheap plastic microphone and bad wiring that you can sometimes get with competitors of the Rode.

Rode designed this microphone using the best practices from Hollywood technology. This is the right microphone to use with very good digital camcorders. There is little noise and for the size it is still considered a rugged product. There is even a filter you can use to improve any rumbling.

How do you order the Rode VideoMic at the best price and invest your money wisely?
Although the microphone is available at many online retailers, I would buy from shops that have a proven track record and promise a secure shopping experience. Why should you have to look around everywhere and hope that you land a great deal? Well you don't have to.

Source by Manny Packio