PSVR Charging Stand with Optional Illumination by Asterion Products – Rapid AC Charger Display holds the PlayStation VR Headset, (2) DualShock 4, (2) Move Controllers & Headphones

Price: $ 42 99
(as of Apr 16,2021 21:07:11 UTC – Details)

Designed to Perfection
The VR/ARC is the apex of PlayStation VR charging stands. Meticulously designed, the VR/ARC maximizes charging capabilities while shrinking down the device footprint to an elegant minimum. Unlike clunky charging stands which take up tons of space the VR/ARC itself clocks in just under 10 inches tall and a slim 6.5″ wide. Built of 2 components, the stand can easily be slid apart and stored by pressing its silver release button.

Charge it all!
The VR/ARC boasts 5 rapid charging points using a high powered AC adapter. The PlayStation VR headset sits cradled securely, while the 2 Move controllers*, 2 DualShock 4 controllers and an additional rear USB rapid charge.

Quick Dock DualShock 4 Technology
Each stand comes equipped with 4 micro USB adapters inserts for your DualShock 4 controllers. With competing products, you often need to carefully guide the controller into place and then lodge it down onto the micro USB. With our quick dock adapters there is no struggle, simply place the controller on the contact points & you’re good to go! PLEASE NOTE: Some versions of controllers require the PlayStation console be powered on and paired to charge.Placing the Move controller on the ARC backwards will cause blinking red lights. Reset ARC to clear.

Optional Illumination
Light ’em up! both during your onscreen battle and in your PSVR stand display. An impressive blue LED light flows through the transparent portion of the VR/ARC.

Wrap that Cable
We designed with every detail in mind. Unlike competing stands we designed a groove for you to wrap your PSVR headset cable around while not in use.

The ultimate in PlayStation VR organization, get your VR/ARC today!

RAPID AC CHARGING – Charges up to 5 accessories at the same time, each with individual LED charge indicators. Designed with total controller safety and rapid charging in mind. The VR/ARC is FCC and CE certified and the high-end 5V 3000mA AC adapter is UL certified and has the highest-level VI efficiency rating.
QUICK DOCK CONTROLLER SYSTEM – The micro USB quick docking adapters allow you to place & charge your DualShock 4 controllers with minimal effort and all versions of the Move controllers charge by utilizing two contact points at the bottom of the controllers instead of the USB ports.
OPTIONAL LED GLOW – A touch sensitive button on the charging base allows you to easily activate or deactivate the vibrant blue LED illumination
CABLE WINDING GROOVE – Keep your PSVR headset cable wrapped neatly around for simple and sleek storage in between gaming sessions