Plott Cubit – Smart Virtual Reality Measuring Tool w/Bluetooth

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(as of Apr 16,2021 21:01:16 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Plott, Cubit, Home Improvement, Tools, XR, VR, AR, Design, DIY, Measure, Tape Measure, LDM

Cubit: The Ultimate Home Improvement Tool

Complex measuring and calculations are the #1 deterrent of people doing home improvement projects. Cubit eliminates this. Measure and design in AR then Bring to Life with Cubit and the Lets Plott app. Use AR or Cubit to measure and import images of a project into our app then design with scale and context. when you are done designing Cubit will give turn-by-turn directions to the exact point of install where each nail, screw, or mark needs to go.

Quick and easy AR MeasurementAccurate laser measurement with Dual LasersWheel measurement for irregular objectsAR Design to visualize your projectTurn-by-turn guidance | No math and measurement

Cubit, AR, Design, Measuring, LDM, DIY, Home Improvement, Tools, Tape Measure

No More Math When Planning Projects

The Lets Plott Platform makes home improvement easy by eliminating the headaches and frustration that comes from complex measuring and calculations when starting a project. Use augmented reality to measure and design with scale and context and then Cubit plots the points on your wall where the changes need to be made.

How It Works

Tool, DIY, Home Improvement, Tape Measure, LDM, Measurement, Design, Home, AR, VR, XR

Make It Easy With Plott

Cubit eliminates the need to use a traditional clunky tape measure. Use Cubit to measure any object using its dual axis lasers and measuring wheel. Simply point and click and Cubit will give you both height and distance measurement with an accuracy of 4mm. Cubits wheel will measure any irregular shape object or anything you cant bounce a laser off of with an accuracy of 99.98%.

The Lets Plott app enables users to measure and design in AR so a user can see exactly how a project will look before building a project. Then use Cubit to bring that project to life. Cubit will guide you to the selected points in your project just like a turn-by-turn GPS. Cubit uses its 2 lasers for positioning on the wall to take you to the exact coordinates where changes need to be made.

Design, DIY, Home Improvement, Tape Measure, measurement, AR, VR, XR, Tools, LDM

Free Your Creativity

Focus on your creativity and let Plott do the rest! Plott does the difficult stuff so you can worry about creating that perfect home design. Use Plott and don’t ever be bogged down with the complexities of measuring and planning again!

ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS: Conforms to industry standard of 1/8″ for every 30 feet
EXTENDED REALITY: Transmits measurements via Bluetooth to your phone in real time
DESIGN CENTER: Design your space via fully interactive Cubit app
GUIDE: Guides you via the uploaded coordinates and chosen layout
PLOTT AUTHORIZED DEALER: Includes USA manufacturer warranty