Monster MMORPG

Monster MMORPG is a free to play video game that is heavily inspired by another RPG game made famous by Nintendo. If anyone has played the mega-famous and long-running Pokemon series, you will instantly make comparisons to this game. Everything from the way the monsters are designed and the way the game plays is almost exactly the same as in a Pokemon game.

Bear in mind, people suggest that it's best to play Monster MMORPG using either Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser. Internet Explorer is not recommended as you will experience a lot of problems playing the game using this particular web browser.

Upon starting this game, you don't have to create your main character simply because the character models are very small yet cute. This isn't a fully fledged 3D world that you can explore in, as the game is modeled on old-school games from the '80s where you could only walk around in a small (yet expansive) 2D environment.

After you have done that, you choose the first monster that you want to battle alongside with. As aforementioned, the monster designs in this game aren't original to say the least. It seems as if the developer of Monster MMORPG took the designs of many Pokemon characters and tweaked them a little bit to avoid a lawsuit from Nintendo. Honestly, the designs are very familiar and I doubt many people could tell the difference. Nevertheless, the monsters still look cute despite the obvious similarities.

At first, there are 13 different monsters you can choose from. Some of them have different classes and types. These include the following: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Bug, Ghost and Dark. Each of the monsters has specific characteristics and strengths so be sure to choose a monster that suits your personal playing style the best.

Once you have done that, you are ready to play Monster MMORPG. Unlike most other games, this game does not have a tutorial. At first I thought this was quite rude but you have to check your messages box first for a link to a YouTube video of the tutorial. This is quite unorthodox although the video is very helpful. Still, I prefer in-game tutorials than watching a video as they are easy to follow.

The goal of the game is pretty simple. Much like the Pokemon series, you just go around exploring for other monsters to capture and train them up to become devastating fighters. Moving around the game map is quite slow as you have to use arrows and your character doesn't really travel at lightning speed. Not to mention the fact that this game features no audio whatsoever …

Another thing that may deter some gamers is the text-based battle system. You don't really get to see any of the monsters fight each other. In my opinion, this is very disappointing. Nobody really wants to see a fight which is just a bunch of words of your current progress. Also, challenging other players to fights is time-consuming too. This is because there is no specific lobby where other players meet to battle. You have to request a fight and that player needs to accept your challenge first before you can commence. Sometimes you're not sure to if that player wants to fight you as they may be occupied with something else. This is a direct contrast to the instant PvP system seen in Epic Duel.

With most MMO RPG games , there are quests that you can undertake from non-playable characters. This is not the case with Monster MMORPG as you are left to do things on your own. As a result of this, the gameplay can get repetitive as you're doing the same type of thing of exploring for other monsters and fighting other players. Although I feel the graphics in Monster MMORPG are cute, they're very outdated. Many people who are used to playing realistic 3D worlds may have a hard time adjusting to the very basic look of this game.

If you're a fan of the Pokemon series, playing Monster MMORPG is a nice alternative. There are over 600 new monsters for you to capture and train. I must say, this type of game isn't for everyone as it's very slow-paced and the text-based combat isn't all that exciting to watch. However, the game is playable on pretty much any computer and no download is required. Just remember to play the game using Google Chrome or Firefox as your web browser for the best results.

Source by Damian Seeto