Introducing the Nikon d5000

The Nikon d5000 is among the DSLRs that ranks top on the consumer reports and this is for good reasons. This singularly amazing feat of optical engineering combines the heavy punch of professional-level cameras in a slick and handy design. Here are some highlights of the camera to strengthen your resolve for purchasing it.

The first highlight and perhaps one that defines the d5000 to be a top upper-entry-level digital SLR is its 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor. This technology allows a staggering 2/3 of the 35mm film, which is usually used in the filming movies. At this resolution rate, minute and minuscule details come remarkably alive both in the monitor and the final output. Also this leads to photographic quality of large prints which seem to scream with life and emotions.

Camera shakes which are common for DLSRs contribute to fuzzes and blurs can sometimes ruin the whole take. This problem is conveniently solved through the inclusion of the 3x AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6G VR lens with build-in image stabilization. Also, with these lens specifications, there is wider range for subjects to bask in the background.

What scores of enthusiasts enjoy most about this is its D-Movie mode. The splendor of the sounds of the surroundings while filming is captured along with the 720p HD recording capabilities. Not to mention that you can include a photo snap while filming which does not affect the continuity of the video or interrupt the audio with the picture-snapping sound. Plus it also allows you to silently zoom in and out to focus on a subject or to get the feel of the whole scene while filming.

The camera also comes with a vari-angle full color 2.7 inch LCD monitor. This monitor is extremely large for the SLRs nowadays, which is perfect for reviewing the takes or replaying videos, regardless of the background light's setting. There is also a dedicated button for its Live-View feature for faster access to this function. Thrown in the mix is ​​the myriad of auto-exposure scene modes that it puts to the table, allowing the user to add depth and emotions to the pictures.

The Nikon d5000 is a superb upper-entry-level digital SLR that has garnered much appreciation from enthusiasts around the world. Packed with the optical mogul's name known for quality, and the features for optimum performance, you could not find a camera that can come even close.

Source by Jaime Taylor