Ego Vs Reality

When you happen to be one of the few in the here and now that has had their awakening it's incredible and frustrating all at the same time. On the one hand you have shifted your perception to a higher understanding of awareness and you want nothing more than to share that awareness but on the other you are dealing with so many people that have simply not opened their eyes to see what you see and cannot entertain or even understand many of the concepts your trying to convey. In order to do so they must do the very thing that is the most challenging … Let go. Let go of their judgment, let go of their opinions, let go of their control. These tools of our behavior are governed by the almighty ego.

Isn't ego something wonderful and terrible all at the same time? It has the ability to create a sense of all knowing inside someone even when that someone has no idea what their talking about. It's the Cliff Clavin of our consciousness and it's very easy to let it do the talking for us and to make our decisions for us. The only problem with our ego is that many times its dead wrong but that's OK because it's very good at one more thing as well, deflecting blame.

Unfortunately almost all of us have grown up our entire lives being led by our ego and this is especially disheartening because with the shift in consciousness taking place all over our planet, many of us won't wake up to the truths being presented. Because our perception has been artificially dumbed down and limited for so long, the idea of ​​aliens controlling mankind by way of creating a virtual reality matrix prison whereby information given to us for us to decode interprets our perception of reality of what we believe to be real is so absolutely fantastical for us to fathom that our ego will destroy us for even entertaining that idea along with others and will completely ridicule anyone else for mentioning them. However the beautiful thing about reality is that just because the reality one hears is unbelievable doesn't mean it isn't true, it simply just means one's ego won't accept it.

Start training yourself to listen to your heart, your intuition. There are going to be truths that will rise to the surface for all to see but if you are still listening with your mind and not your heart, the truth will be invisible.

Source by Cary Rant