Editable Flash Games – Rebranding Games For Profit

It's no secret that learning to develop games is a long winded process. Even developing in Flash, which is considered to be one of the simpler platforms, takes considerable programming skill, not to mention design, graphics, and possibly audio skill too.

With the amount of time and effort which needs to be invested in becoming a games developer, only a select few talented programmers and designers are able to make a living from Flash games – until now!

The fact is that there is more demand for browser games than ever before. Casual gaming is on the rise, Flash games are currently a hot trend and even small businesses are now clued up on the power of viral marketing and want their own brand of game. Until recently they would have had to pay top dollar for a talented and experienced developer, but now you can profit from this hot market.

By rebranding editable Flash games you're able to bypass the years of learning, piggyback on the skills of other developers, and take credit for creating cool games while providing your clients with exactly what they want. Rebrandable Flash games are provided ready developed, and ready for editing leaving you to merely add the finishing touches.

Once you've licensed the source code to an game you simply rebrand it by changing the links and logos, make any specific alterations specified by your client such as edits to the graphics or small changes to the gameplay, then add your logo and you have a finished game in next to no time!

While the typical development time for a browser game might be many weeks or even months, you'll be able to delight your client by delivering a top quality game in just days with the minimum of fuss. It's because of this extremely quick turnaround and huge profit margins that there is such a buzz around editable Flash games at the moment. Even web designers and developers without extensive Actionscript skills are able to add games to their repertoire and cash in on the current trend, offering viral games to their clients and improving the scope of their portfolios.

Even if you have no previous experience with Flash, learn how to edit rebrandable Flash games and with little effort you'll be able to increase your income, please your clients, and attract extra visitors to your own websites by harnessing the power of editable Flash games.

Source by Billy Deakin