BeswinVR Pistol Virtual Reality Game Controller HTC Vive Pro 2.0| Vive 1.0-Ready with Strong Recoil Feedback- Pistol Whip VR Game Compatible

Price: $ 499 99
(as of Jul 27,2021 20:46:41 UTC – Details)

Reading Before Purchase:
– Required Tracker 2.0 2018 version attached on Pistol but tracker is not included with order, easy to buy in amazon ASIN: B0748ZY323, or local market.
– Trackpad touch is not 100% functional due to Tracker 2.0’s bug, only central press-key function works, touch tracking function (up, down, left, right) can’t work. It caused many VR game requiring Trackpad touch (up, down, left, right) is not compatible with ScarVR 2.0 Rifle. Old tracker 1.0 won’t has this problem but stop production. We are waiting for HTC Vive company to fix it.
– If you are seriously care about this tracker 2.0’s bug, not suggest to buy it.

Youtube video:
1- PistolVR GamePlay JohnWick < >
2- Dual PistolVR Hands-On HTC Vive< >
3- PistolVR GamePlay Zombie Kill < >

What’s New?
– Attaching Vive tracker 2.0, Compatible with HTC Vive pro 2.0 (10x 10 meters large room tracking system) and 1.0 tracking system.
– Impressive strong recoil feedback, 0.45KG/ 1.00LB weight well-built pistol body.

What VR Game Support?
– Tracker mode: ZomDay, Battle for the Last Chicken, Overkill VR, Contra VR, VR Battlefield, Arizona Sunshine, vr+.
– Controller mode (need extra plugins): The NestVR, ZomDay, A-10,John Wick Chronicles.
Depends on vive tracker 2.0 compatibility, More test games coming soon….

Who Need It?
– VR game develop team commercial use.
– VR shop or VR arcade commercial use.
– VR Shooting Gamer personal use at home.

– How Tracker Work as Controller?
Please download plugins from:– HTC Vive— ScarVR Rifle—- download < OpenVR InputEmulator-v1.3.exe >, < VIVE Tracker Role Changer 1.0.exe >, or google search keywords and download them.

Mount Vive tracker 2.0 2018 version (Not included with order) on shortgun to compatible with HTC Vive Pro 2.0(blue model)| Lightbase 2.0|10x 10 meter (32’x32’) Room Scale tracking and regular vive 1.0(black model)
Popular for VR game develop team, VR shop or VR arcade commercial use.
Pistol need Vive Tracker 2.0 to work but not included with order, easy to buy in amazon ASIN: B0748ZY323. Rifle don’t support Vive tracker 1.0 2017 version.
Registered brand and utility model patent was in protection Amazon 9 sites, follow selling or copy list without authorization is not allowed and punished by amazon seriously.